Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plantinga Ch 5

The first point that Plantinga makes is that God’s kingdom envelops everything.  Plantinga also says that we all have our own little kingdoms that expand and envelop more as we gain more responsibility.  When we are babies we have the rule of whether or not everyone else gets sleep in the house.  When you have you own house and pay your own bills, your kingdom is larger, because you have much more responsibility.  We have to remember that God’s kingdom envelops all of our little kingdoms.  Our kingdoms must fit in with God’s kingdom.  His kingdom determines what happens in our kingdoms.  We must never forget who is really in control.

Plantinga speaks a lot about how our vocation is to mesh our kingdoms with those of the other citizens.  I do not agree with this.  The Bible calls us to live the antithesis, and this mesh our kingdoms together is the exact opposite of the antithesis.  God’s children are to live apart from the world, not among them.

Later, Plantinga says “John Calvin even regarded government as a sign of God’s love for us, a means of grace, because it adjusts life in society toward civil righteousness and promotes ‘general peace and tranquility.’ “  John Calvin does not regard government as a form of grace but a “calling”, an holy, honorable, lawful, and sacred calling.  

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