Monday, January 12, 2009

Our English Syllabus

I found that CS Lewis emphasized learning for the sake of learning, because you want to.  Learning something you don’t want to, just because you are forced to is not the way that we should work.  If you are learning something that you want to, you can get so much more out of it. 

This is where Calvin College comes in.  Calvin tries to teach you a little bit of everything, and often times this extra knowledge leads a person to change their major, because they found something that interests them more.  Find what you like and then go deeper into it.

These Core classes may not always be fun, but they are the building blocks that we must set up in order to advance our learning enough to study what we want to.  You cannot easily study Greek mythology without first learning Greek.

We must take a different perspective on things in order to get more out of the studies that we do not like.  If you hate your English class you will not get near as much out of it as you would if you liked it.  If you do just enough to get by, you will unlikely enjoy the class.  You will only get as much out of a class as what you put into it.

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