Thursday, January 22, 2009

Abolition of Man

“Abolition of Man” speaks a lot about Natural Law.  The Natural law is written in the heart, telling us what is right and wrong.

Lewis tells us that many of the different denominations, even if they vary a lot in regards to doctrine, they still retain many of the same principles.  All men know what is right and wrong.

Something that Lewis talked about that I found to be very interesting was about how the newer generation is weaker than the previous generation.  Our fathers invent certain technologies that they handed to us, and we would have a very hard time living without them.  Our grandfathers invented many things that they gave to their children that we could not even dream of going without.  The truth is that every generation is coming very dependable upon the previous generations ideas and inventions.  Where would be without Edison, who we all know invented the light bulb.  Sure, we have definitely improved on the system of electricity and lighting, but we would not have these improvements if the light bulb was not handed to the next generation to use and to study.  We never really think about this.  Fifty years ago twenty men had to tend to the fields and milk the cows, now we can get by with just one or two men, and a bunch of machines.  Man has become very proud of its Science, and its power over Nature. 

Man strives to manipulate everything to his own purpose.  Lewis talks about how man will keep gaining power over Nature until man finally gains power over Human Nature.  We all know that this will never happen.  Man will never be able to tame the wickedness in our hearts.  Christ’s death on the cross is the only way to destroy that old man of sin and renew the new man of regeneration.  At the end of this world, on the day of judgment, when Christ comes again, the Human Nature of man will finally be defeated.  All those who retain that sinful human nature will burn in Hell for eternity, and all those who have had that human nature destroyed by Christ will spend an eternity in heaven.


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